Maltin fil-Belġju asbl (Maltese in Belgium) is an association registered as an association sans but lucratif (not-for-profit association) in terms of the Belgian law on not-for-profit organisations.

Its aims are to maintain contacts between Maltese living in Belgium in order to help them adapt to Belgian life, maintain ties with Malta and with its cultural life and to work as a group which safeguards the interests of the Maltese in Belgium in everything related to Maltese residing abroad.


The operations of the association are regulated by the Statute, published in French. The association’s posts and structures created by the Statute are that of the President and the General Assembly and the Administrative Council.

General Assembly

The General Assembly meets at least once a year in the first half of the year and all effective members are invited to participate. Amongst other things, the General Assembly has the authority to approve accounts and financial estimates, to elect and remove administrators, to expel members, to amend the Statute and to change the nature or to dissolve the association.

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is made up of a number of administrators, effective members of the association, elected for a two year term by the General Assembly. The Council administers the affairs of the association with the authority neither the law or the Statute reserve to the General Assembly. Amongst other things, the Council elects from its own members a President and a Secretary-General.

The President

The President is the association’s legal representatives, chairs meetings of the General Assembly and the Administrative Council and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association.

The current President is Franklin Mamo.

Last updated: 22/08/2014.